This Fleeting World

Take Your Soul on a Journey . . .

This Fleeting World is a courageous and mesmerising theatre experience exploring the transient nature of our material world from diverse personal, cultural and spiritual points of view. With lush, indigo-dyed costumes and atmospheric projections, This Fleeting World is a visual feast, while a sophisticated soundscape weaves live vocal textures with improvised piano, percussive rhythms and sounds from our environment. This rich theatrical ecology is inhabited by an ensemble of strangers from different worlds who travel together through a kaleidoscopic landscape of human experience. When tensions explode at the summit of its mountain, they come to realise that in the mirror of the ‘other’, the opposite of love is fear.
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This Fleeting World is assisted by the Centre of Contemporary Art Cairns’ Fresh Ground artist development initiative, made possible through Arts Queensland. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland. The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional, remote and very remote/isolated Australia.



Living in the deep north of Queensland there’s a heightened feeling of transience, of nature, weather and people constantly on the move . . . Like an estuary tide, this human motion underpins the core of the Centre for Australasian Theatre’s This Fleeting World. The work questions what it means to sense, to feel, to grapple, to be flesh of this earth, if only for a moment. Intertwining an episodic journey with intercultural physical theatre and existential vignettes, the work harnesses a raft of creatives to undertake immersive meditations on the pilgrimage of shared human existence in a transient world.  READ MORE


Let’s begin with a shout of wonder and admiration. This Fleeting World is such a rich feast – dramatic, visual, musical, cross-cultural, even mystical (and the adjectives insist on coming) – that it is not easy to offer a single cohesive response . . . We are fortunate beyond our imagining to have a company as dedicated and professional as the Centre for Australasian Theatre on our doorstep.  READ MORE


DIRECTED BY Willem Brugman

CHOREOGRAPHY BY Catherine Hassall

COSTUMES BY Linda Jackson

SET DESIGN BY Guy & Gina Allain

PAINTING BY Mavis Ngallametta

MUSIC BY Zelda Da, Dobi Kidu, Nasser Selimi & Joe Vizzone with excerpts from ‘Testament’, a conduction collection by the late Lawrence D. ‘Butch’ Morris

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY BY Chris & Rosie Browning


CULTURE MECHANICS BY Paul Barron & Blake Hudson


ENSEMBLE – Warren Clements, James Daley, Piers Freeman, Zelda Grimshaw, Catherine Hassall, Dobi Kidu, Miyako Masaki, Lou van Rikxoort & Eko ‘Chiko’ Supriyanto

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